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» W&W new website: 25% off, contest, and blog!


Welcome to the new Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles website! We've brought a 100% new website redesign, as well as many new features!

First of all, we have added a 25% discount until April on both versions of W&W for the GP2X, prices are now $16 $12 (~€8) for the normal version, and $24 $18 (~€12) with the sprite, so order yours now!

We have also added a new Yuan Works Development Blog, where we will be adding content at least twice a week about video-game design and development (including W&W of course!), with programming, design and sprite art documents and tutorials. Don't forget to check it out!

And last, the first Official W&W GP2X Contest is now open with lots of prices! Follow this link for more information.

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W&W features an anime style intro and graphics, as well more
than 30 hours of unique (and funny) Story Mode gameplay!

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» Did you receive your W&W code?


After you purchase W&W, we will email your code in less than 24 hours. If you haven't received your code, it may be possible that your SPAM filter caught our email. Remember to add @yuanworks.com and @wind-water.net to your whitelist. If you have not yet received your code, please contact us and we will resend it.

Also, if you purchased a W&W version with the sprite, the sprite will be ready in less than three days after you send your picture. Again, if you haven't received any information about your sprite, contact us (images sometimes are caught in our SPAM filter and we don't check it too often).


Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Origins: So, how did this game come to be? Hao and I had always wanted to make a puzzle game... (More)

What is a sprite and how are they done? We refer to the traditional pixel graphics that compose many of the elements in 2D games, such as Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, as sprites. Sorry, no soft drinks!... (More)

What is W&W?

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles screenshots

W&W is an Arcade Action puzzle game featuring modes for both casual and hardcore gamers, with an anime intro, 30+ hours of Story Mode, animated cutscenes, and more than 100 extras.

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Order now and get a custom W&W sprite based on you! (What is a sprite?)

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GP2X console sprite
W&W is available for the GP2X console. More information on GP32x.com or GPNewbie.com


Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles screenshots

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