Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

W&W (for short) is an action-packed Puzzle game created by Indie Developer Yuan Works, with a vast Story Mode where you guide main character Amy through wacky adventure, detailing the process and challenges of creating an Independent Game.

W&W is Available Now!

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is available on the Dreamcast for US$15* (world-wide shipping included) and we're on Steam Greenlight too!

What makes W&W Special?

W&W was developed only by a team of two — brothers Yuan-Hsi and Yuan-Hao — putting an immense amount of effort into the hand-crafted 2D pixel art, music, gameplay mechanics, and a 20+ hours Story Mode where we tell our own personal story of the good, bad, (and ugly) moments of creating your own Indie game.

W&W's pixel art is made using the same techniques that were used in retro classics where every single graphic and animation is done pixel by pixel.

“This tile-rotating game has since become one of the best genre pieces on the console. And it was only made by two people.”


Dreamcast Release

W&W had a succesful commercial release for the Dreamcast in 2008 before the boom of retro games, pixel art, and crowdfunding.

This release featured an industry standard pressed CD and cover, as well as a dual-language 40-page full-color manual, rare even in official Dreamcast games.

"Wind and Water quickly became a collector's item on its limited release in 2008, until its brand new release in 2016."

W&W is not your regular puzzle game...

It is one of the most extensive puzzle games, done by two puzzle game lovers who dreamed of creating a great indie puzzle game.

“With its combination of beautiful presentation, well executed design and original game concept, W&W:PB is a genuinely special game that still has me hooked.”

The game was fully made using the traditional 2D pixel art approach, where every single graphic and animation is hand-drawn pixel by pixel.

Game Mechanics

Wind and Water are easy to catch: simply form a diamond of the same color to clear blocks, however mastering W&W's gameplay requires fine-tuning your skills in both speed and strategy:

Get W&W For Dreamcast!

W&W is available for Dreamcast for only $15, world-wide shipping included, from these sellers:

If you purchase W&W for Dreamcast, you will have access for Free to our PC version.

* Note: Prices may change by seller and Euro fluctuation.

“Basically put, I'll say this: If you have not yet picked up this beautiful game, please do so.”


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